Apr. 11th, 2007

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LOLJeff Weaver, how I’ve missed you! Sure, it’s not as good as having you back in pinstripes where we could see you about ninety times a year in all your slack-jawed glory, but it’ll do.

So, how does a game in which one team scores 14 runs still clock in at just over 3 hours? When your starting pitcher behaves like this. Looks like somebody’s aiming to challenge Jonathan for my affections.

::sits back and lets boys fight over her::

If the language of coffee is universal then I think Don Orsillo should actually have to say “Dunkin’ Dugout” in Japanese…you know, to match the new ad. I have to ask—do they even have Dunkin’ Donuts in Japan? ‘Cause outside of that one lonesome DD’s in Lynchburg (the goddamn outskirts of Lynchburg, no less), I can’t recall the last time I saw one outside the Northeast.

Would like to thank former teammates Brendan Donnelly and Jose Guillen for spicing up the late innings. And here I thought Donnelly wouldn’t be good for much of anything.

Anyone else have queasy, cold-sweat inducing flashbacks to last year’s opening day watching Wily Mo corral the final out at the bullpen wall? No? Just me? (Credit where it’s due: he didn’t fuck up a single play—dare I hope this is a sign of a new, improved Wily Mo? ‘Cause I’m getting tired of feeling like a puppy-kicker every time I hurl invective in his direction.)

Still haven’t resolved last year’s debate about which Mariner’s name is more fun to say—Kenji Johjima or Yuniesky Betancourt. Kenji Johjima. Yuniesky Betancourt. Kenji Johjima. Yuniesky...

Anyways, tonight, it’s Dice-K vs. Ichiro…but even more crucially in the soxgrrl house, it’s Matsuzaka’s Fenway debut vs. the Friday Night Lights finale. Shit. Is it possible to rent Tivo for just one night?

*The Eck’s post-game assessment of Weaver


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