Apr. 30th, 2007

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Okay, first of all, ick. Is this an attempt to divert attention from the fact that Tom Brady knocked up Bridget Moynihan? ‘Cause if it is, I feel compelled for the first time to start lecturing Tommy on the consequences of his actions.

And now for the random crap I jotted down during the ball games...

Rivera taking so long between pitches, Pedroia in danger of hitting puberty before count runs full.

Tek scrambles out of the way when he sees Papi rumbling homeward. Yeah, you better run!

Um, why didn’t the Yankees want to start Kei Igawa again? Are they playing head games with us?

No HR for Dougie this time but watching A-Rod flee in terror from his bat more than makes up for it.

Topher Grace as a costumed supervillain? Really? I’m supposed to be afraid of guy who can be taken out by a glare from Kurtwood Smith?

Am starting to think that J.D. Drew would be of more use to us if he was on the DL.

With the slack jaw, mullet and shades, Igawa looks like one of those dim-witted yakuza flunkies who gets taken out by Jet Li in some Golden Harvest action flick. A dim-witted yakuza flunkie who’s totally pwning our offense, but still...I wonder if his post-game pressers are translated via humorously bad subtitles or humorously bad dubbing. Either way, I’d love to see one. With popcorn and a soda.

What in Sam Hill is up with Mike Lowell? If we must lose, can we at least maintain some semblance of dignity?

Wakefield allows the fewest runs of any starter against the Yanks, so naturally he’ll be the guy who gets the loss. Sometimes I just want to kick this line-up in its collective ass. Of course, given that Wakey insisted on walking at least one batter per inning, that “vaunted Yankee line-up” really should’ve slaughtered us like wee baby lambs so I suppose there’s that to be grateful for.

My god, the Cardinals really have the most excruciatingly awful luck. What a shame.

@#$&% Lugo!

Coco Crisp—Mr. Triples! And a nice spot of revenge for that bogus strike call Saturday.

LOLMinky homer off Tavarez! Somewhere, Mark Bellhorn is smiling.

Holy crap—Julian got his shit together after a bad inning! For perhaps the first time in history. Guess those tutorials w/Daisuke go both ways.

@#$%& Lugo!

Really, really liking the Coco/Cora tandem at the bottom of the order.

"He has a hit now!" Indeed he does, Don. Indeed he does.

Oh, Remdawg, you’re like Charlie Brown and the football with your eternal anticipation of the squeeze play.

Timlin just gave up the home run so Jono could record a proper save. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

Do you think Alex Cora and Hideki Okajima would be amenable to a open-relationship/polyamory sort of arrangement? ‘Cause right now I’m having a hard time choosing between them.


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