Apr. 8th, 2009

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Some brief—and pretty much pointless—observations re Opening Day Redux…

Dear NESN: Hate the new theme music...or I think I would if I could recall a note of it.

The Hebrew Hammer is a Devil Ray???? Not quite as horrifying as Cabby as an A, perhaps, but nevertheless wrong.

Dustin Pedroia apparently has no intention of relinquishing the MVP title. Nor should he.

The very first inning of the very first game of 2009 and we leave ‘em loaded. Some things just never freakin’ change.

Apparently bored after two perfect innings, Beckett decides to toy with the fishies in the 3rd inning by letting them get on base and score the tying run and just generally letting them believe they have a chance. Back in the dugout, someone must admonish him that if he keeps this shit up he’ll miss the Bruins game at 7:30, because he stops screwing around after that. (I have no earthly idea whether Beckett actually watches hockey, but I don’t think it’s beyond the scope of reason to think Joshua would like a sport where people frequently hit each other with sticks.)

Remsillo are practically writing sonnets to Youk’s 3rd inning at-bat...Y’know, I’d actually forgotten how much I missed seeing a Youk at-bat.

Dear Fox NESN: What’s with the damn Wolverine ads wrapping around the replays??? Seriously, what network am I watching?

Carlos Peña enjoys the hometown cheers so much he decides to K in every at bat to keep the applause coming. Interesting tactic. (Gabe Kapler opts for the more restrained approach of just sitting in the dugout being awesome.)

Dear NESN: It’s bad enough that the first W.B. Mason Extra Innings of the season is an abbreviated affair (esp. since we’ll miss the always reliable pleasure watching Eck be giddy as a schoolgirl over stellar pitching)—do we have to take up time talking about the Bruins?

Dear Josh BecKKKKKKKKKKett: Welcome back—we’ve missed the @#$%! out of you!


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