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Claim it wasn’t even a little dusty where you were watching last night, and I’ll know you for a liar.

Shit, why the hell isn’t verklempt a mood icon?
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I’m thinking Kason should’ve just pulled a Joey Turner and held onto the ball while the Mariners circled the bases. It wouldn’t have been any less effective than that shit he was throwing last night.

Thank god for The Daily Show.


Jun. 21st, 2007 08:47 am
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Damn, Atlanta, you were shut out by Julian Tavarez, Joel Piñeiro and Mike Timlin. I’d actually feel sorry for you if they had been pitching for, you know, anyone but us.

Meanwhile, the Rockies (who last week were all about the takingeth away) gaveth back our double digit lead in the AL East with a 6-1 victory over those bums from New York.

Finally starting to enjoy June.
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Now that’s better. I think my favorite part was Cora!Cora!Cora! raising the Fist of Triumph when Coco still had about 20 acres of outfield between him and that catch. How foolish would Alex have felt if that ball had gotten by Coco (I know, I know—use your imaginations here) and Tim Hudson had ended up on third base? Mighty damn foolish, I’m thinking.

Ahh, screw was a fantastic image! (One that would make a swell icon if any of the AP photographers had been on-the-ball enough to get a picture.)

Josh Beckett’s 5th inning rbi double brought his batting average within spitting distance of Julio Lugo. I’m thinking we should tap him for pinch-hitting duties on the other four days.

Lastly, some birthday cake cookie for [ profile] katzinoire

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So, I go to Martha's Vineyard for the weekend and the Sox decide to sweep the National League's Team Evil. Clearly, I need to turn around and get my ass back down the Island.

After all, we all must make sacrifices for the greater good.
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Holy @#$%!, the Drugo proves instrumental in securing my man Wakefield a much deserved win. Guess that means I can’t pick on it for the remainder of the series. This may actually be harder than quitting smoking;-)

For the love of god, can someone please give Ken Macha another managing job and get him the hell away from NESN??? Listening to his drone after such a nail-biting victory is like downing a double espresso with an Ambien chaser. I get that The Eck and Jim Ed are probably popular draws on the nostalgia circuit, but is Dave McCarty really too bogged down by prior commitments to share some desk time w/TC? How ‘bout a sock puppet? Or a Wally doll? Or maybe a contest like they had last year where some random schmo got to call an inning in the booth...‘cause even the wit and wisdom of "Sully from Southie" would be a welcome change right about now.
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It’s as if the Universe has decreed that a team that gives up a game-winning home run to A-Rod doesn’t deserve to be a winning ball club.

The Universe would be correct, of course, but that doesn’t make it any less painful to watch.

At least we got to behold the Wrath of Tito (and no small amount of f-bombs) unleashed upon home plate asshat umpire no, I definitely meant asshat Dan Iassogna. That was tremendously entertaining (esp. w/Remy and Orsillo working the instant replay and color commentary). I hadn’t realized that Tito even knew the f-word...then I remembered—duh!—the guy spent a couple of years managing in Philly, for chrissake, so he undoubtedly knows a lot of worse things than "F*** you!". Hopefully, he used those words last night, too.

As for that dipshit leaning into the pitch, is that the sort of thing that can be overruled by one of the other umpires (like a check-swing)? Or did I miss the part where we appealed to the rest of the crew only to be shot down? Surely, at least one of them thought that was hinky. Anyways, while I’m not the sort to generally call for this sort of thing, I hope one of our guys drills Mark Ellis for real today. I mean, seeing as he likes it so much...
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Shut out by Lenny DiNardo. Is there no end to our shame?
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Dear Jonathan:

The only worse thing you could’ve done…no, wait, there is no worse thing you could’ve done. I’m afraid it’s going to take a long time to rebuild the trust between us. I know, I know, it’s not all on you (when Brendan Donnelly is the only effective pitcher of the night, you know it’s not your game), but you gave up a game-winning home run to A-Rod. That’s not the kind of thing a girl can just forgive (not unless she wants a reputation as a doormat). You know that expression “Every time the Yankees win, God kills a kitten”? Well, every time A-Rod gets to be the hero, he drowns them by the sackful.

Sigh. I did have more stuff to write about this series, but my heart is no longer in it on account of being ripped out of my chest and used by the Red Sox pitching staff for warm-up tosses.

Dear MBTA:

Thanks for making me late for work. Again. You’re so useless that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to tell you and Julio Lugo apart.
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Hot damn, what a fantastic night!

Beckett returns to the hill and pitches like he never left. Youk continues to be the Hebrew Hammer v. 2.0 (or should I call him “Son of Hebrew Hammer”—I can’t decide). Even Dustin Pedroia (who I really, truly have to stop calling “Wee Dusty Mendoza” in my head) is riding a 9-game hit streak and batting .410 for the month of May. And if the Righty Closer is unavailable? No prob, we just bring in the Lefty Closer. We have righty and lefty closers, people!!!! What a mad, beautiful world we’re living in.

Then, after the good times in the Fens came to their predetermined end, I flipped to ESPN to see my National League boyfriends pull off the unlikeliest extra-inning, come-from-behind victory in perhaps the history of ever against the left coast’s Team Evil (well, I suppose Barry Bonds is really the only evil one...still, it’s enough to carry a team).

And throughout it all, I’m treated to frequent replays of Jorge Posada gesticulating impotently as Aaron Hill steals home right from under the sizable and oblivious proboscis of Andy Pettitte.

Good times. Good. Freakin’. Times. (In fact, I’m so goddamn delighted, I’m not even the slightest bit put off at having to watch Wily Mo play the Green Monster for two nights going. Now, that’s some powerful happiness.)
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...J.D. Useless Drew knocks in the tying run? Pedroia hits the game-winning home run? Joel Piñeiro—Joel Piñeiro!—gets the win????? Jesus, the only way yesterday’s outcome could’ve been weirder is if Wily Mo had made that spectacular catch in center field…Of course, if that had been the case I wouldn’t be here talking to you on account of the universe imploding in on itself so I guess everything worked out for the best.

And speaking of Pedroia, I always thought the Mighty Mite was cute but I never considered him cold shower material until yesterday. That at-bat was some seriously sexy shit!

Tonight we get the Cleveland Indians (my fervent attempts to hex them into extra innings last night sadly went for naught) and the return of Trot Nixon to his rightful place in Fenway’s right field. Perhaps if I watch without my glasses I’ll be able to pretend he’s on the right team.
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Sweep of the double-header. 3-out-of-four from the kitties. Not too shabby, gentlemen, not too shabby at all. And the Skankees drop to 9½ back...Takes a bit (a bit) of the sting out of the fact that instead of my boy Wake, I’ll be seeing the immortal TBA take the hill on Sunday (probably in the form of Devern Hansuck if tonight’s game gets rained out).

Speaking of suck, I went 3-for-3 in late buses this morning. This cold, raw, rainy morning. I swear the MBTA stays up all night thinking up new and clever ways to be totally fucking useless. Can’t wait for the evening commute; I’ll be lucky if I’m home by 8:00.
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Just when I think the wheels are finally coming off the Josh Beckett Express ("oh well, it’s been a nice ride..."), turns out he was only lulling the Jays into a false sense of security before ripping off their wings like a sociopathic little schoolboy.


Also nice to see wee Dustin Pedroia (or Justin Pedroia if you’re the dimwit who reads the news on Kiss 108) getting the bat on the ball (including his first round-tripper of the year last night). Way to go, Mighty Mouse!!!! (Also, Alex Cora could use a day off >;-)

And is it too late to be the first to welcome Victor Zambrano back to the American League East. God, I had no idea how much I missed him. Just goes to show that sometimes you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til you get it back.

Lastly, between the eclipse thing a couple years ago and the most un-aerodynamic paper airplane ever, what the hell did they teach Don Orsillo at Northeastern anyway?
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Gah, someone screwed with the Papelbot’s settings>:-( I hope Schilling tracks down the culprit and delivers some serious kicking of ass with that bionic ankle of his. (My money’s on J.D. Drew—he’s got an awful lot of free time with all the not getting on base he’s been doing.)
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Okay, first of all, ick. Is this an attempt to divert attention from the fact that Tom Brady knocked up Bridget Moynihan? ‘Cause if it is, I feel compelled for the first time to start lecturing Tommy on the consequences of his actions.

And now for the random crap I jotted down during the ball games...

Rivera taking so long between pitches, Pedroia in danger of hitting puberty before count runs full.

Tek scrambles out of the way when he sees Papi rumbling homeward. Yeah, you better run!

Um, why didn’t the Yankees want to start Kei Igawa again? Are they playing head games with us?

No HR for Dougie this time but watching A-Rod flee in terror from his bat more than makes up for it.

Topher Grace as a costumed supervillain? Really? I’m supposed to be afraid of guy who can be taken out by a glare from Kurtwood Smith?

Am starting to think that J.D. Drew would be of more use to us if he was on the DL.

With the slack jaw, mullet and shades, Igawa looks like one of those dim-witted yakuza flunkies who gets taken out by Jet Li in some Golden Harvest action flick. A dim-witted yakuza flunkie who’s totally pwning our offense, but still...I wonder if his post-game pressers are translated via humorously bad subtitles or humorously bad dubbing. Either way, I’d love to see one. With popcorn and a soda.

What in Sam Hill is up with Mike Lowell? If we must lose, can we at least maintain some semblance of dignity?

Wakefield allows the fewest runs of any starter against the Yanks, so naturally he’ll be the guy who gets the loss. Sometimes I just want to kick this line-up in its collective ass. Of course, given that Wakey insisted on walking at least one batter per inning, that “vaunted Yankee line-up” really should’ve slaughtered us like wee baby lambs so I suppose there’s that to be grateful for.

My god, the Cardinals really have the most excruciatingly awful luck. What a shame.

@#$&% Lugo!

Coco Crisp—Mr. Triples! And a nice spot of revenge for that bogus strike call Saturday.

LOLMinky homer off Tavarez! Somewhere, Mark Bellhorn is smiling.

Holy crap—Julian got his shit together after a bad inning! For perhaps the first time in history. Guess those tutorials w/Daisuke go both ways.

@#$%& Lugo!

Really, really liking the Coco/Cora tandem at the bottom of the order.

"He has a hit now!" Indeed he does, Don. Indeed he does.

Oh, Remdawg, you’re like Charlie Brown and the football with your eternal anticipation of the squeeze play.

Timlin just gave up the home run so Jono could record a proper save. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

Do you think Alex Cora and Hideki Okajima would be amenable to a open-relationship/polyamory sort of arrangement? ‘Cause right now I’m having a hard time choosing between them.
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Wily Mo not suck.

Wily Mo hit ball hard.

Joshua and soxgrrl buy Wily Mo cake.
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Sigh. I always do this. Top of the 7th, 2 outs, score knotted at 1 apiece, I notice that it’s just 9:00 so naturally I have to remark “well, it’ll be a quick game anyways.”

Then, of course, the wheels come off the bus, and the 7th inning doesn’t end for another half an hour.

At least this time it was the other team’s bus.

Note to Donny O. and the Rem-Dawg...While I enjoyed your incisive commentary wrt the Orioles bullpen (“might as well’ve taken that $41 million and flushed it down the toilet”) and even the waxing rhapsodic about Chick-Fil-A, can we please, please can the A-Rod blather unless we’re actually playing the Yankees. At least there it’s relevant; here it’s, what’s that word for the overwhelming need to carve off your own skin because there's a colony of fire ants crawling around underneath? That.
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Not to sound ungrateful or anything but despite how deeply, deeply, deeply satisfying last weekend was, you do have to beat the other teams, you know.

'Cause if a girl's gotta turn to Tampa Bay to get a little lovin', you're clearly not doing your jobs.
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