soxgrrl: (wakey and dougie)
2007-08-03 08:34 am


Okay, whoever had Hinske and ‘Belli go back-to-back in the Never Ever Happen in a Million Years pool, pay up. ‘Cause you totally lost. (I have Wily Mo Peña Wins Gold Glove—so there’s no way I’m losing this thing.)

Also, hearing that Roger Clemens got booed off the field at Yankee Stadium actually made me wish I had the YES network. Just for a day.
soxgrrl: (wakey and dougie)
2007-08-03 01:48 pm

Happy (Belated) 41st Wakey

"I'll take all the time you want and brag about him," Terry Francona said. "He's a pro, he's been a pro, he will continue to be a pro. For him to be at that stage in his career and being successful, it's taken a lot of hard work. 'Cause the older you get -- what is he, 48 today, 49? -- you have to work really hard to stay productive, and he has done that."

Tito kills me.